Site Design: Parent

Site Design


Parenting, supervising, and opportunities for bonding with children

Facilitate parents supervising their children.
Employ design strategies that allow parents to supervise their children without being in the same physical space. Clear sightlines between the kitchen and the exterior space or individual units and the exterior, allows parents to prepare meals, learn, talk to an advocate, etc., while their children play, read or study.
Integrate benches and comfortable places for adults to sit adjacent to outdoor play spaces.

Diagram showing sightlines from parent areas to play space
Pathways encourage children to explore outside.
A loop is far more engaging to children riding bikes, skateboards or roller skates than a single expanse of concrete. “Destinations” outdoors can be signaled by stepping stones or paths.
In ChildCare Exchange magazine, Andrea Polites, Karen Kuchar, and Shauna Bigleow discuss effective strategies for helping children heal. They talk about two types of interventions that are especially effective for children who are experiencing trauma to heal: purposeful movement experiences, and deep connections with the natural world.

A play space with children running along paths