Site Design: Harmonize

Site Design


Minimization of conflicts and rules

A range of different areas accommodates varying activities and age groups.
Ground markings, material changes and other tools can be used to differentiate areas for play, sport, gardening, or adult gathering. Balance the need for larger (and “louder”) group spaces and those for an individual or two to sit on a bench and read, talk on the phone, and hang out.
A playground with slide
Facilitate year round use of exterior spaces.
Protection from the elements allows use of exterior spaces throughout the year. Depending on the local climate, sheltered areas provide protection in colder and/or wet seasons and shaded areas provide use in warmer seasons.
A covered play area next to an uncovered play space
Accommodate smokers, while minimizing their impact on others.
Exterior, sheltered areas for smoking facilitate social contact for smokers. Avoid locating the smoking area close to building openings including doors, windows, and mechanical intakes. Consider prevailing breezes when locating smoking locations.
A sheltered picnic table