Kitchen: Parent



Parenting, supervising, and opportunities for bonding with children

Individual kitchen/dining areas allow residents the freedom and control to prepare food and choose what and when their child eats.
Less congested kitchens make it safer for children to be close to a parent who is cooking, or even to help cook with the help of a stepstool. This not only strengthens the parent-child bond, but also can bring some normalcy to family life.
Apartment floor plan with kitchen and dining area
Consider This
Preparing food and eating with one’s child(ren) is a fundamental parenting task. The family meal is a routine frequently disrupted by abusers, but reclaiming it as a time to connect can be an important part of healing from abuse for both adults and children and brings some normalcy to a child’s life. Communal dining spaces make this difficult.
Integrate child safety features into kitchen layout.
Areas of concern include:

  • Knife storage
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Cooktop controls
  • Sharp corners
  • Electrical cords and outlets
A wall socket with caps to prevent children from injuring themselves.